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Telephone Answering Services — Add-Ons to Look for in Medical Services   Leave a comment

If you are looking to engaging telephone answering services for medical purposes, there are some specific attributes to be looked at. For instance, the answering service must have adequate experience in the medical domain. They should know how to address the queries of patients and put their doubts to rest. They should also be able to speak in the tone and language that would appease patients and relieve them of worries, and so on. In addition, there are some specific add-ons one needs to look for when engaging an answering service medical.

Additional Services to Look for in Medical Telephone Answering Services

Some specific additional services a medical answering service provider must extend over and above the regular set of services would include:

  1. They should be willing to provide you with a regular local number or an 800 toll free number, whichever is better suited. There should be no limitations in this issue.
  2. A voice logger must be provided so that each and every conversation can be recorded for future reference as well as for training purposes.
  3. There must be a decent facility for storing and retrieving messages.
  4. Call screening mechanisms must be automated.
  5. The answering service must provide a first ring pickup service. Calls that are responded to on the second or third rings are clearly not appreciated by patients who are keen on discussing their woes promptly.
  6. It would be great if your answering service can provide online appointment scheduling services in real time.
  7. They should be able to provide several voicemail boxes.
  8. Text messaging services to pagers, smart-phones, and cell phones would be an added plus.

The choice of add-ons you opt for when selecting telephone answering services should ideally depend on your specific needs. Make sure you attempt a need evaluation at the outset, before you choose.